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Become a Success Seeker

Taking your first steps into your professional life is always difficult. It’s more than just your CV. It’s finding out where to apply for jobs, how to get experience, learning about what the heck a cover letter is - and that doesn’t even cover half of it.

But what if you've done everything you can and you still feel like there’s still so many opportunities you are missing out on?


That's where we come in

Get access to opportunities that will boost your career aspirations by becoming a Success Seeker. Whether you want 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with industry leaders, or access to a network of professionals, we are here for you - regardless of your background.
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What Being A Success Seeker Means

A step closer to your professional career

Get in touch with a mentor matched to you based on industry and personality. These pros will help you learn the ropes and take a step closer to your professional career.

A Professional Network

Some take years to build up their industry connections. We'll help you turn that into days with our catalogue of partnered companies and professionals.


Become the best version of yourself through Success Seeker-exclusive coaching circles, CV workshops and mock interview sessions to make sure you're ready for your dream job.

Job Opportunities

Generation Success helps partner companies find incredible talent like you. From graduate programs to summer internships, opportunities are on the horizon.

Trusted by Leading Brands Across Multiple Industries:


Break into your dream career

Do you want to take part in a massive change sweeping the UK? We believe that everyone should be able to break into their dream career, regardless of their socio-economic background. Do you agree?

By helping young people from across the UK gain valuable skills and take their first step on the career ladder, we make the #MoveToEquality a reality. Building partnerships with industry professionals helps us level the playing field and create equal access for all.

Sign Up To Become A Success Seeker


Creating equal access and opportunities for all.

Interested in learning more about our programme, or you have questions?

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